…gdi Prussia.

Like my hair is grown out?

I haven’t had my hair this long since the seventies. Fuckin’ hot-

Allie, sweetheart, how do you deal with heat? I'm visiting your nation and the west coast is insufferable!

Ummmmm….maybe ‘cause you’re a weenie? or cause you wear too much.

But why the hell are you on the west coast? You can leave now.

ask-miss-lithuania replied to your photoset:Look at those tiny hills! No competition. 

I very much dislike you, Miss Allie. >:|

Love ya too, Tiny-Tits.

Look at those tiny hills!

No competition. 

Cool story, brah-

Do you have any accounts elsewhere?

(( Instagram and a Vine I rarely get on….other that that, I’m a recluse because college. ))

Oh ya know…the usual.

Cultural sharing, caring for animals, an’ strategizing. That or giving ‘Melia dick pops.

So how's Matt? You guys would make a cute couple.


Not my tastes.

'Melia threatened to punch me….should I be this turned on?