What song makes you think of your darling Amelia?

I got caught up by the chase
And you got high on every little game
I wish you were the one
Wish you were the one that got away

Whoops. I thought we put this damn ship on the bottom of the Atlantic already.’Darling’ my ass.

….This is awkward.

((Haaaa…Missed this one orz <3 ))


Couple times…I got drunk one night an’ tried to use it as a body pillow..Don’t try that.  Then there was the time I tried holding it up with my feet…yea don’t try that either.

((….The first week I had it, I ended up slicing my foot to hell from dropping it. I used that GIF above because that was during my learning period. You can’t see the pain in my face but when I went down, I scratched up my forearm and knee pretty good. 3 months later, I can hold it up with one arm and only have issues when I accidentally knock it over. ))

Yeaaaa….I’m the last person ya wanna ask, babe. 

I think that’s Wonder-Bitch’s area.

(( I once used my real hair, but between straightening and curling, it took over an hour to get ready. I prefer my wig now honestly. I wish my hair looked like that ; - ; ))

Who the heck let you have a dog?



I let me have a dog. Shut your fuckin’ face already.

I thought you didn’t like animals. :I

No…I don’t like you

……Make it disappear.

Who the heck let you have a dog?

I let me have a dog. Shut your fuckin’ face already.

This one? She’s a lil’ shit. I think it’s one of Oliver’s….fuckin’ prissy enough.

….or maybe it’s Alex’s. That would make sense too.


She punched back….harder